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With all the uncertainty surrounding the Brexit situation following the EU Referendum you may well be concerned about the potential impact on your events budget.

At Ground:zero we are keeping a close watching brief on the situation.  Following the exit negotiations, should the UK be removed from a borderless Europe, there is likely to be a requirement for the filing of ATA Carnet documentation every time equipment is taken across borders.  For those who have not had to work under this system before, a Carnet is a lengthy customs document currently used to declare the import and subsequent export of all equipment that is transported to an event held outside Europe.  This affects events in two ways: Firstly it is costly to produce, not only taking time but also there are charges levied by the issuing bodies. Secondly it affects transport logistics since the lorry must stop at every border for inspection and approval of both the vehicle and the documents.  This will clearly have an impact on travel times.  At the time of writing, the London Chamber of Commerce informs us that no change from the current situation is expected for the next 18 months.

However, Ground:zero is well placed to mitigate against this.  Over the last six years we have built up a network of approved suppliers throughout Europe, and indeed worldwide, reducing our need to transport equipment across borders and therefore keep costs under control.  This year we have already completed successful projects in Madrid, Vienna and Barcelona including work with local partners, as well as fulfilling projects in the UK for our Geneva based partners. If you’d like to discuss the implications of Brexit in more detail, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.