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Fairmont Hotel, Monte Carlo




1-day travel,
1-day setup,
1-day show,
1-day filming,
1-day return travel

Challenges: The first time we had worked with this client. It was a competitive pitch, as a result we were naturally keen to explore all avenues, we therefore had discussions with several AV companies, ultimately choosing to utilise our own equipment.

Logistics: Timings proved a challenge, the crew were stretched but all part of the service, we explored the transport logistics options, to understand the effect on budget and hours. We managed all pre-event planning, logistics management, kit transport, crew transport, crew accommodation and team F&B

Production values: We designed the event logo allied to a bespoke colour scheme. Creative set design, Powerpoint template design, Powerpoint build, the production of the opening module including lighting plan, a selection of themed music was chosen. A video relay was built onsite, the filming of the event for post-event promotions was undertaken alongside of course the production of post-event promotions.

Finally we conducted further filming sessions the following day, specifically interviews and seminars with short turn around edits.

Outcome: A successful show, a happy client and a booking to do the 2nd annual Global awards in 2014!