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1 day (including set-up, show and de-rig)

Challenges: Very short timeframe from brief to meeting. (brief came in on 18th September and show was on 14th October) VERY short timeframe for rig and rehearsal. Venue wouldn’t open until 9am and doors opened at 1pm. Show finished at 7pm and we had to be clear of the venue by 9pm.

VERY content heavy – 22 videos to play out, PPT for all 12 presenters and 25 voice over files all supplied the day before the conference from various suppliers.

Display of the custom built letters – only a few of which were freestanding.

Integrating with the support and equipment the venue had.

There were a number of suppliers bringing in a variety of services which we had to support and work alongside.

Logistics: 7.5 ton lorry (due to very tall set)

Production values: Pre event site visit and meeting with in-house venue support

Support of various elements on top of conference including ‘Yumi’ – sound footprint app for mobile voting, Pop Choir, Mariachi Doritos Band.

Set design and branding to fit within venue restrictions and time restrictions.

Lighting plan to incorporate elements around the room as well as the stage area.

Themed music for entrance.

Outcome: Successful show and happy client. Feedback from the client: “I just wanted to send a quick email to say a HUGE thank you for all your help yesterday and in the run-up to the OMG, UK conference! We’ve had nothing but positive feedback, particularly relating to how smoothly the day ran, which is largely down to you and your Ground:zero team.”