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Q’Straint, Whitstable


1 day (including set-up, show and de-rig)

Challenges: Matching up the live feed from the ‘locked down sled facility’ with the relay AV in the room (countdown etc) Unpredictability of the sled… how the dummy would be affected, if the sled would misfire.

Health and safety – due to the G forces required to make the sled fire. The centre has to be on lock-down throughout firing and takes approximately 9 minutes to make safe following the firing.

Marquee in the middle of the stormy season. The whole area was flooded a couple of weeks before the event. Luckily the weather was nice on the day.

Production values:

  • Pre event site visits and face to face meetings with the client
  • Set design and branding to fit within marquee restrictions
  • Elements to build the countdown atmosphere:
    • Pre-recorded voice over
    • Presentation Screen content
    • Live camera feed from facility
  • Time lapse video production
  • Production of slow motion video from high speed camera

Outcome: Everything ran smoothly. The launch was seamless and people were hooked on the slow motion replay video. Successful event. Feedback from client: “I would like to extend my sincere personal thanks for your efforts and involvement surrounding the launch of our iQ Research Centre of Excellence.

The day was a resounding success and this was in no small part due to your commitment and exemplary service not only on the day but during and throughout the entire process.

The feedback we have received so far regarding the Production and video assets has been extremely complimentary and the quality of service you provided reflected perfectly the quality of service that Q’Straint pride itself on.

It has been a pleasure working with you and your team and I sincerely hope the opportunity arises for us to work together again in the future.