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Event Innovation

Technology has given the events industry access to a large number of different tools to make live events far more impactful and effective that they might have been in the past. Delegates can join from different locations (and different countries!), questions and feedback can be instantaneous and interactive promoting engagement with your audience. If you want to reach a truly global audience Ground:zero can webcast your event to the internet with a host of customisation options – we will take care of everything!

Interactive Engagement

The key to success for any event is audience engagement and technology now places a lot more ‘tools’ into the event organisers toolbox.   There are a host of options, from simple voting keypads, through off the shelf event apps for voting and messaging, to a completely bespoke solution put together for your event only. For awards and public events you can harness the power of social media with Twitter walls and scraping Instagram for your hashtag.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing has evolved hugely in recent years, becoming just another way people work together. Ground:zero  has a strong competency in this area, ensuring we can support our customers, whether they are making a standard video conference call, or they need to run an event with a remote presenter, or a global town hall with full meeting support at every site! We are comfortable with hardware video conference equipment just as much as software solutions like WebEx, Blue Jeans, Zoom and Skype for Business.

Webcasting & Live Streaming

Where video conference adds a two-way connection to your event, a webcast or live stream allows you to broadcast to the world.  We can produce a live programme of your event and broadcast it live to your website if you want to reach out to a global organisation.  Alternatively, if you want to speak to the world, we can live stream your event to YouTube or Facebook Live for a more public platform.  Please get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

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