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In the event industry there are a mind boggling number of roles and responsibilities that are needed to pull each event together.  Many of these roles are easily understood but when it comes to those technical guys, there is still the nagging feeling it’s all smoke and mirror and best left alone.

This section of the website is here to blow away the smoke and remove the mirrors to provide an insight into the minds of the people who provide the technical support for your event.

We look to answer as many of those nagging questions you may have about the technical bit of your event.  We will discuss such topics as The Event Organiser’s guide to the technical bits, a few relevant opinions, insights from our side of the event and a few case studies to show that we are actually quite good at this stuff.

If you also have a question that you would like an answer to, please make contact.  We are here to help.

2018 – A summary

2018 has been a very eventful year for Ground:zero.  Firstly, we celebrated 20 years in the event and video production business and for all those who have been part of this crazy journey: from the temporary contractors who’s fleetingly contribution left us with some...

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Groundzero live goes live

Ground:zero is first and foremost an event production company but we come with a high degree of knowledge in the video production and programme making.  We have a very successful video production arm to the company who specialise in producing video projects for a wide...

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We are recruiting

A number of opportunities have come up at Ground:zero in different aspects of the company.  We are currently recruiting for a Project Manager/Producer, an Account Manager and a Production co-ordinator.  Their job descriptions are listed below.  If you are interested...

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World Mental Health Week – Pinsent Masons

World Mental Health Day fell on 10th October 2018.  The objective was to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and to mobilise efforts in support of mental health. At the same time there is the pioneering mental Health campaign, launched as part of...

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Tin o’ Beans

Picture the scene.  A customer has a basket full of tins of beans and is at the checkout arguing with the cashier. “But I don’t want to pay that price for these beans!” Explaining for the fourth time the cashier replies, “But sir, you have filled your basket with our...

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Trust relationships are vital to the conduct of business. Some base level of trust is required just to have employment contracts, or to engage in commercial transactions. The level of trust in business relationships, whether external or internal is a greater...

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The Dutch Raid

It’s 1667 and Britain is reeling from the Great Plague, the Fire of London and the on-going Anglo/Dutch war.  The country is bankrupt and King Charles II has decided to rest up the British Fleet in the river Medway, as much to save money.  The Dutch take this...

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Size of access to venue – lifts and doors

“ We love your venue space.  It’s going to be perfect for your event.  Holds the right number of delegates, great for rigging a good show and plenty of ceiling height.  You’d like a 12ft high set that is 40 ft long.  No problem!”  So how are we going to get that to...

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Living in a Green Screen world

Green screen, blue screen, chroma key, colour keying and colour separation overlay; it is all the same thing and is a technique used for combining two frames or images by replacing a colour or a colour range in one frame with that from the other frame. It is often...

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ISO 2015

Not many AV production companies hold the ISO9001 certification for Quality Management, but we have successfully upgraded that certification to reflect the more rigorous requirements of the new 2015 standard

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