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In the event industry there are a mind boggling number of roles and responsibilities that are needed to pull each event together.  Many of these roles are easily understood but when it comes to those technical guys, there is still the nagging feeling it’s all smoke and mirror and best left alone.

This section of the website is here to blow away the smoke and remove the mirrors to provide an insight into the minds of the people who provide the technical support for your event.

We look to answer as many of those nagging questions you may have about the technical bit of your event.  We will discuss such topics as The Event Organiser’s guide to the technical bits, a few relevant opinions, insights from our side of the event and a few case studies to show that we are actually quite good at this stuff.

If you also have a question that you would like an answer to, please make contact.  We are here to help.

All Change

2018 has been a great year for change at Ground:zero, especially when it comes to personnel. We are pleased to welcome Ross Carnell as the latest Producer to the production team.  He previously worked on audio visual installs and worked for a Wimbledon based Event...

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HCA event

Another visit to the Celtic Manor Resort, Spa and famous golf course saw us supporting the annual National Leadership and Development Forum for the Hospital Catering Association who were celebrating their 70th year.  Presenting at the event was the Shadow Health...

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