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Good Food press launch

This event had a two-fold brief – to support and produce the live event, allowing UKTV to make an impression on the members of the press assembled; secondly to capture a flavour of the event to share with further prospects who were not present for the live event, thereby futher extending the reach of the event itself.

The event called for a bespoke approach as it was held in a disused Dairy. A large crew was required to ensure that all technical elements could be rigged and out of the way in time to allow the creative team to dress the space.

This was a very exciting showpiece event, with the fun tasks and games set for the delegate making for a highly entertaining and engaging experience.  The celebrities and audience were filmed and we produced a short four minute promo of the event which you can see here.

Venue: The Dairy London
Audience: 200 members of the press and celebrity chefs
Duration: 1 day show