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Museum of London for Wells Fargo

To provide an innovative way of allowing people to vote for one of 5 designated charities. Wells Fargo was then to donate to all five charities based on the outcome of the votes.

People should be allowed to vote only once and for the votes once cast not to be able to be adjusted

550 unique but anonymous QR codes were constructed and included on the back of each attendee’s Name badge. Then, using our core server structure, a bespoke iPad app was constructed which read the QR code, verified the vote availability and then offered information on the five charities, with a button by each allowing the person to cast their vote. Once cast they received a message telling them that their vote had been counted. 10 iPads were supplied and sited in various positions around the museum.

A live readout of the vote as it progressed during the evening (other things were going on ) was available on the large plasma at the venue.

Venue: The Museum of London
Audience: up to 550
Duration: 1 evening