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Stanley stubs it out – Stop Smoking Campaign

Audience: Smokers. This campaign was to be used to encourage people to stop smoking within the Medway area. This aired initially within the Stoptober Campaign and was subsequently aired during a Medway Council roadshow. We also uploaded the video to Youtube

Timeframe: Shoot was completed over one day. We covered four shoot locations in Kent. The first edit was completed within a week of filming and finalised over the following two weeks. The brief came in on 31st July and the campaign went live on 6th September.

Notes: The client came to us with a visual concept and a basic script they wanted to fulfil. Essentially a silent black and white film with special effects. The acting was carried out by the Kentish Players (a local amateur dramatics company)

Outcome: The brief was met, we have a happy client. Over 1,000 views on YouTube to date and still rising. We have since edited the video to be used by Brighton Council in the same campaign in the Brighton area.

Production Elements:
One camera shoot
Filming within one day.
In-house editing and animation was also commissioned.