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Zoetis Company Meeting and Christmas Party

Given that this event was both an end of year company meeting and company Christmas party, it was imperative that Ground:zero came up with a design concept that was both stylish yet understated, providing practicality for the meeting during the day whilst having the capability to be transformed for the evening to create a more upbeat, party atmosphere.

For this year’s event the client was keen to steer away from a particular theme as such and Ground:zero therefore took the opportunity to get creative using different materials, textures, shapes and colours to create a ‘rustic Christmas’ type atmosphere. The central backdrop comprised of a backlit wooden slatted wall with the company logo mounted to the front, which was further dressed for the evening event with the addition of extra lighting fixtures and props, such as star lanterns and presents made from wooden crates and red ribbon.

To make the meeting during the day more engaging, the client wanted to follow the style of the ‘The One Show’, to include interactive elements such as audience voting, polls and question submission. Ground:zero also carried out two days of filming pre-event in order to produce a series of videos for playout on the day, including a ‘The One Zoetis Show’ animated title sequence.

Elements: Custom set design, pre-event video production, presentation management


Venue: Renaissance Hotel, Heathrow
Audience: 150
Duration: 1 day and evening