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Ground:zero set the bar for the production of corporate, commercial and public events. With our understanding of stunning aesthetics and our in-depth knowledge of the extraordinary capabilities of technology, we can create for you striking and memorable events.

Our mission is to deliver an unforgettable and distinctive event that leaves delegates and organisers alike with a positive experience.

Each of our projects begins with a technical site visit by the Ground:zero team, to establish the possibilities afforded by the venue, and to begin brainstorming the design features required by the event. Our expertise ranges from more basic, small-scale projects to large, conferences and product launches. We always refer back to the specific needs of the client, and execute the projects with precision and skill.

Ground:zero’s areas of mastery include our Creative, Hybrid and Interactive disciplines – which will enrich any event.

Rest assured that our experience of running multifaceted events ensures that whatever the challenges presented we have the nous to manage the unexpected. The team have strong experience of coping with unforeseen circumstances, and the wherewithal to adapt accordingly.