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We’ve always been aware that our success as an event production company relies to an extent on our understanding and use of technology.  Having already invested in online stock control systems, low voltage lighting and digital sound we also see social media as an important component of many successful events.  For private events social technologies can enhance delegate engagement enormously. And for public events it’s been shown that on average 100 event-related posts can generate 100,000 unique views on social media.

So when we heard about EventsTag we liked what we saw and instantly bought into the solution.  If an event uses a hashtag we can now gather content from numerous social media channels and present in a moderated, branded visual display. This valuable and relevant content can be displayed on virtually any surface (eg a simple screen or the roof of the O2) during an event then saved and re-published on a website afterwards.

If you think you need a social dimension to your event you can talk to us about EventsTag on 01634 841663