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Founded in 1998, Ground:zero is a dynamic and highly experienced event production company, dedicated to delivering the very best service for our clients.

One of the driving principles that has made Ground:zero successful is that we believe that our business is first and foremost about people; this means we’re personable, patient and understanding of the challenges that our clients face – and more than anything, we’re easy to work with!

We’re also flexible and adaptable and we will do everything we can to deliver exactly what our clients require.

At Ground:zero everything is focused around the client and their requirements. Every event is unique, so we listen with an open mind and then deliver a dynamic solution.

We’re energetic…we’re up for a challenge and we do what it takes to get the job done.

We’re committed…we’re driven to delivering on time and on budget.

We’re pragmatic and reliable…and clients know they can count on us to get it right every time.

And to ensure that all this energy and enthusiasm has the relevant structure we’re also ISO 9001 accredited!