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Pharmaceutical Congress


Client:  Pharmaceutical Company

Venue:  Hilton Vienna, Austria

Audience: 600 medical professionals

Duration:  1 day set up, 2 day show

​​This event was the eighth in a series of annual events and was the biggest yet, reaching a record number of delegates.

We’ve been involved from the first event and the ever growing number of delegates and variation in location always provides a unique logistics challenge. Ground:zero designed and built a bespoke stage set to blend with the visual identity of the event.
This featured a 48’ wide display screen from three laser source projectors.


Each year we try to raise the bar with an innovative approach and judging from the following client feedback it looks like we achieved that:

“Celebrations in Rochester are most definitely in order and are
well deserved”.

mom set up 1.jpg
mom set up 2.jpg
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