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Our focus has always been to provide creative design that surpasses our client’s expectations.  Whether providing the vision to create the right environment for your event with set design concepts, PowerPoint presentation design and supporting design material, or stand-alone creative content such as branding, signage, print and exhibition stand design, everything is bespoke and driven by passion.


We understand that you may have a creative resource in-house or prefer to out-source to a creative agency.  However, for us, events are not just about technicians in black turning up with trucks full of kit, making sure you can see and hear your event.  As a visual company we provide a complete production service for your project, which includes the creative design of your event too.  Our creative support services range from creative concept theming, set design and build, presentation design and build, and other printed and digital support material.


It is our goal to help you communicate your strengths, vision and personality effectively through graphic design.  Even with the explosion of digital content there will always be a place for print work, whether it is brochures, exhibition stands or menus for your gala dinner event.  Design covers many disciplines but our core services include branding, logo design, brochures, posters and exhibition design.

Design is often a personal thing but our overriding goal is to meet your creative expectations – not ours!


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