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Technology has given the events industry access to a large number of different tools to make live events far more impactful and effective than they might have been in the past. Delegates can join from different locations (and different countries!), questions and feedback can be instantaneous and interactive, promoting engagement with your audience. If you want to reach a truly global audience Ground:zero can broadcast your event live with a host of customisation options – we will take care of everything!


If you are a large company spread over more than one site across the country, Europe or the world, getting everyone to hear your message live and in the moment is a logistical nightmare and very expensive if you try to get them all into one room!  A hub and spoke set up allows presenters to gather in one location and present to a number of designated sites around the world.  These sites can be one-way or two-way.  One-way sites are just look and listen, two-way sites allows a spoke site to present or ask questions to audiences at the other sites.  Presenters who cannot make it to any site can present from anywhere in the world.

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When it comes to content, be aware that you have two audience types who will be viewing the content from different perspectives. Community is important and again is different between the physical audience and the virtual audience. Both audiences need to feel cared for and tended to at the same level. As for production value: this can make or break the experience for the audience. Good lighting, sound, camerawork and internet connection all make for a great hybrid event.

Remember to consider the hybrid option from now on. The results could be greater than the sum of the two parts.

Public events can be broadcast through platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube or any number of providers that provide a streaming service.  Whether it is a single camera 'how to' presentation or a multi-camera outdoor event extravaganza, mixed and managed along with the audio to an unlimited audience.  Just don't forget to invite people to attend.  Streaming to the public only works if the marketing campaign beforehand has whipped up enough enthusiasm with your audience to log in and watch.  

Running your event from virtually anywhere

As with most events, the virtual event can be set up anywhere.  With social distancing continuing to be a normal way of life, there will, for the foreseeable future, be more of a drive to get your message across in the virtual world. 

So where can I run my event from?  Depending on the message, the number of presenters and the visual impact you are looking to make, you can have it in the office or meeting room, through to a large conference venue or even outside.

We chose to set up a number of options in our warehouse to show you what is possible

To learn more about these projects or understand how we can broadcast your event
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Linking your presentations

Think of your event as a TV magazine programme where presenters link everything together.  This included introducing and interviewing presenters as well as linking the whole show together.  A key opinion leader or influencer with media experience can create a better show that will help with audience engagement.

Designing content for the virtual meeting

You’ll need to think about how consuming your content is different on a screen than it is live. Live events and on-demand viewing on a computer are very different experiences demanding differing content and formats.  While people might be able to sit and listen to a 30-minute or even 60-minute keynote live, they will likely not be interested in or able to sit and watch that same content on a computer unless it’s incredibly engaging.  Sessions likely need to be much shorter; formats need to be adapted and varied, and stage and sets may need to be redesigned — all of which will likely impact your programming and could impact your speaker lineup.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you.  Click on the button, fill in the form and we will call you back

Travel Industry
2000 delegates worldwide     
Broadcast from The Barbican, London, England

Our travel industry client needed to communicate the latest company message to all employees around the world.  Local staff were able to attend the event and the presentations were broadcast live to all their international event venues.

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Local Government
7000 viewers locally 
Broadcast from The River Medway, Kent, England

Ground:zero worked with a number of event specialists to bring to life the events of 1667 on the River Medway in the UK.  We broadcast the live event to large screens and streamed the event through YouTube to the general public.

1000+ viewers countrywide 
Broadcast from Head Office, Southern England

This is a repeat event where our client takes the opportunity to broadcast the latest company news in quarterly meetings held at their head office.  As well as providing the AV, Ground:zero also provide a 3-camera set up to relay the presentation, via WebEx to colleagues who are unable to attend the meetings.

2000+ delegates worldwide
Broadcast from Orlando

The main event took place in Orlando, Florida.  Our Producer and IT technician flew out to run the event and manage local crews.  The event was broadcast live to event venues around the world.

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