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Global Webcast


Client:    Travel Industry 

Venues: The Barbican, London

Audience: 600 people in the live audience with 8,000 joining virtually across the world

Duration:  1 day.  event in the morning and then de-rig to venue across the road for afternoon session

This event was the second brief from a new client, and one not without its own unique challenges.  Our client had come to Ground:zero to assist them with the need to communicate seismic changes to their global organisation from a single live event in London.

A two-fold solution, Ground:zero worked with the chosen venue to provide AV support and production to the main event, happening in a theatre at the Barbican.  To this we added two high definition cameras with ultra-long lenses, the feed from which was mixed live to produce a programme which we then broadcast to the internet, with the link shared with the colleagues across the world.  This session was timed at 0900 GMT, meaning that for colleagues west of Europe, the timing of the event was not during office hours.  To combat this we set up a TV studio across the road at The Brewery, and re-ran the morning session programme, with the addition of a live question and answer session in the afternoon for the colleagues across North and South America.


It was truly amazing to be able to reach a global audience in this way, with everyone being able to tune in and watch the event live.  We reached 61 countries across the globe across both sessions and the success of this platform has given the client much to think about going forward.

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