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The Siege of Rochester Castle


Brief:  Produce a documentary drama

Location:  Rochester Castle and surrounding area

Audience: Over 1,000 people watching the video which was projected onto the side of the castle

It's one of England's most historic moments - the siege of Rochester Castle in Kent. Rebels occupied the site in 1215 in a bid to overthrow King John. Now, 800 years later the event has been marked with a re-enactment of the famous battle. 

To celebrate the event, Medway Council commissioned Ground:zero Productions to produce a docu-drama hi-lighting the events that led up to the successful destruction and storming of the castle.

A national reenactment society provided all the actors and horses as well as all the props and a Great Hall location which doubles as Rochester Cathedral.

The second day of filming was the battle sequences at the castle.  Our challenge was to make the fighting between a couple of dozen men look like a battle of thousands.

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