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Video Production

We are specialists in creative Commercial, Corporate and Promotional video production.  Even in the new digital age the principles of effective communication still hold true.  We provide in-house services from script-writing, animation, even drone filming through to delivery.  Our goal is to develop video content strategy aligned to your vision.

Video Programmes

In today’s global digital market there is no better way to communicate with your team or clients than with video.  From a manager doing a piece to camera through to a full costume drama, the end goal is the same – to communicate a compelling, entertaining and engaging message.

These productions come in many styles: Promotional videos, talking head videos, animations and the latest marketing tool, explainer videos which are short online marketing videos used to explain your company’s product or service.

The process involves developing a creative message, filming it, editing it and delivery and we handle each stage of the process in-house

Event video services

Whether an award show or a conference day event, it is soon over and the best way to keep the project alive after this is through video.  Quite often keynote presentations can add value to viewers who could not attend the meeting or a dynamic highlights video can help motivate delegates who were present, long after memories of the event have faded as well as promote the event for the following year.  Do you have staff all over the world who can’t make it to the event?   We can film your event for live streaming, read more about that in our Event Innovation section.

The option of on-site editing can increase the immediacy of the event with quick uploads to the internet or even live playout.