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Going virtual - It needs to be creative as well as technical

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

During these unprecedented times there has been a clamour to move live events to a virtual platform. Event organisers are wondering whether it is even technically feasible to have their event streamed. A valid question and with this comes many questions about how to maintain high audio and visual quality, what platform do we stream from and how good is the internet really? Maintaining engagement is really hard; however, it has to be your ultimate goal. Conversely, the AV companies are adjusting their offerings to include a virtual event support service. Of course, some companies have always offered this service, ever since the internet was capable of streaming video of frankly, any quality. However, many companies have never offered it and are now finding out quickly what equipment and skill set they need to invest in to offer this service. So a lot of conversations this year are about how to get the event into the virtual world. There is, of course, much valuable information everywhere for the event people new to this environment. But there is more to a good virtual event than just the technical bit. Because your event is being broadcast beyond the four walls you and your presenters are in, you are unable to see your audience, to judge how engaged they are. Maintaining engagement is really hard; however, it has to be your ultimate goal. The creative goal is to keep your audience engaged. How do you keep an audience engaged who are sitting at their laptop at home where the distractions can come thick and fast? Is the coffee ready? What are the kids up to? Who is that at the door? Streaming from the funkiest platforms with the best audio and vision will not keep your audience engaged if they are not to some degree entertained. This is where the creative bit comes in. It is important to ask, “What tools do I have to make my event entertaining when my presenters are not ‘entertainers’?” At Ground:zero we have put together a document highlighting a number of creative areas you need to consider when putting on your event. Hopefully it should get you thinking about the number of opportunities there are to engage your audience. If you would like a bit of help in this area or you just have a few questions, please do not hesitate to call us on 01634 841663 or leave a message on the contact page or at

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Your Virtual Event
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