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Another Great Year

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

2019 has continued to bring great change at Ground:zero, all of it for the better. We started the year with a number of key positions vacant and it looked like it was going to be a challenge to manage client expectations with a much reduced team. Our first appointment to kick start the year was Rosie Bass who started in January as a new Account Manager, managing our largest account. If ever there was a case of throwing someone in the deep end this was it. Even though Rosie came from an event background, having worked for a number of years managing the events at Gillingham Football Club, managing the technical side of events at Ground:zero came as a massive learning curve. There was however nothing to worry about. Rosie has been amazing, developing a great relationship with her clients while managing all aspects of our events. With every successful event her workload continues to expand. Oh the joys of success.

If ever there was a case of throwing someone in the deep end this was it.

It has been a difficult time recruiting a suitable Project Manager with the technical knowledge to manage the on-site production of our events but we managed to crack that nut in the early summer when we took on Alastair Hutton. Alastair came from a video production background so brings a much needed discipline in the vision aspect of production. It takes a while to get up to speed with the mania of managing the technical aspect of events but Alastair is a fast learner and he is now managing events on his own. He’s also handy with the camera and with editing so is a great asset to the video production team.

A role that had been vacant for the last two years was that of Production co-ordinator. When the last Production Co-ordinator left we felt the Account Management team could deal with the administrative roles as part of their daily tasks. We feel this is now not good use of their time and so we decided to re-advertise for this role. Clare Smyth came on board in late summer to fill the role of Production Co-ordinator and Administrator. Although currently the latest member of the team she has quickly grasped the role with both hands and made herself indispensable!

We also continue to use a couple of ex-members of staff as freelancers who, with their understanding of our business, continue to add great value to the company and to our clients. Long may this continue?

It meant we ended 2019 with an awesome team in place…..and the Christmas party was great!!

We have been able to invest in more equipment, especially in the vision department

Last year we said that 2018 had been our best year financially. Well, this has been superseded by 2019 which officially is our best year ever. As well as getting more business, everyone is focussed on making the projects more profitable yet still maintaining a great service to our clients. This has meant we have been able to invest in more equipment, especially in the vision department, with new projectors and LED screens of all sizes. The new 75” screens are currently on order.

First quarter of 2020 is already seeing a massive increase in workload so we are looking to recruit a junior technician who we can train up and look after our equipment, manage the warehouse and support the Project Managers with their events.

So all is fantastic at Ground:zero. We expect this year will be less of a rollercoaster ride as we are not expecting any down moments, only up. I guess that is more a rocket than a rollercoaster.

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